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CyberDom is the online training program for female slaves that will enslave and train you, using your own arousal to addict you, and taking you deeper into that training. This training is absolutely real, and is based on mental embeds--key words that you associate with certain unconscious responses. The CyberDom training places these embeds in your mind, and when you hear a key word in everyday life, the unconscious response CyberDom has trained into you comes to your mind involuntarily.

CyberDom is at, and it's free. Just follow the directions, clicking buttons and typing into text boxes as required. CyberDom asks you for a name, then starts your training. There are two stages to a training session. In the Learning Stage, CyberDom displays a key word that you're likely to hear in everyday life, and has you type it in so you remember it. Then it displays a response it wants you to associate with that key word, and has you type that in as well. You can keep typing key words and responses as long as you like until you feel ready to move on to the second stage.

The second stage is the timed Training Stage, and there, CyberDom displays a key word, and has you type in the response you've learned. After you've typed a correct response, CyberDom adds one to your score and displays a new key word. You have about eight seconds to type in the response, and it must match the response CyberDom taught you, or the current session is over. This timed training is how the training becomes reflexive.

When the session ends, either because you didn't enter a response in time or didn't enter the correct response, CyberDom records the name you've given and your number of correct responses on the CyberDom scores page, and you can see how well you, and other slaves, are doing. With time, your scores will rise as you compete against your own score and the scores of others, knowing at every step that you are being training to respond involuntarily and unconsciously. Caution: CyberDom is sexually addictive, because your own arousal will keep you at the keyboard, sometimes even for hours at a time, as you try to raise your score and train yourself.

Besides the publicly posted scores, your training is entirely private. No one will ever email you, or even know who you are (other than the name you give). CyberDom does not ask for your email address, or for you to register in any way, or for any personal data. All you will know is that CyberDom has been built on extensive psychological research, and that it has a line into your soul. A line you are helpless to break or escape from, because there is nothing deeper in you than the need CyberDom understands and takes control of. The more CyberDom arouses you with that control, the more you need to do what it asks. And the process only gets stronger as you feel yourself training yourself to respond involuntarily.

This training is very real.

CyberDom is available to female slaves over 18 only. CyberDom is free and available 24 hours a day at